Technical Infrastructure

The offices we design and build come with uninterruptible power (UPS), structured cabling, security, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and fire suppression systems that are installed, commissioned and warrantied to all work together. We stand by our installed systems and offer full after-sales service for any future changes or maintenance.

Structured Cabling

We perform the cabling work in over 90% of our builds, and are willing to put our work head-to-head with the best installations in the world.

Typical configurations are one or two Cat 5e or Cat 6 ports per workstation.

Our work has been described as attainable only by New York City union labor.

Brands we carry and install with full manufacturer’s warranty:

  • Panduit
  • Krone
  • AMP
  • Belden
  • Systimax
  • Siemon
  • ICSI


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

We design, configure and test UPS systems according to our clients’ specifications: from a single UPS to power the server room to multiple multi-floor units arrayed in redundant parallel applications with online controls and online alerts. We offer periodic maintenance and honor our warranties on a no-fuss basis.

Brands we carry and install with full manufacturer’s warranty:

  • GE
  • APC
  • Emerson
  • Socomec
  • Eton
  • Delta


Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

We install closed circuit television systems that adhere to our client’s privacy and security policies, working closely with our client’s different departments to determine the preferred location, coverage, and recording capability of his CCTV system.

These are clearly indicated on the plan along with a description of whether these cameras are tasked to see user screens or are prohibited from doing so, whether they can be accessed remotely or only at the security room the server room and the DVR.


Access Control

We install proximity card-driven, magnetic lock access control systems in nearly all the offices we build. These can cover the main doors, doors between public holding areas and general work areas, as well as sensitive areas such as server rooms.

We offer the option of the access control system feeding into a payroll system. For enhanced security we also offer biometric access control and payroll systems.

Fire Suppression

Most buildings are equipped with their own water-based fire sprinkler systems. We reconfigure these existing sprinkler systems to suit our clients’ needs, incorporating revisions in layouts and adding or relocating sprinkler heads where our clients need it the most.

Server Room Fire Suppression

We install automatic fire suppression systems that are integrated with the server room’s cooling and ventilation systems, so that in the event of a fire, the system will only be activated in the server room. We also build systems that inform the user if there are events in the server room.

Brands we carry and install with full manufacturer’s warranty:

  • Inergen
  • Novec
  • FM 200

Total Systems Integration

We install central monitoring systems that consolidate all systems information. From employee access to server room temperature and humidity to any fire, moisture or human intrusion events, all this data goes into our centralized control platform that alerts facility personnel and sends out email and text message alerts if there is something that requires immediate attention.

Systems Warranty and Support

We offer a one-year warranty on the entire office—from its technical systems and components to furniture, carpets and other fixtures.

We also pass on the individual manufacturer's warranties on all technical systems, furniture, carpets, and other components.

We offer aftersales support for electrical, mechanical and other systems, conduct periodic maintenance and inspection, and offer post warranty repairs and reconfiguration.


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